Saturday, September 18, 2010

National Punctuation Day!

Mark your calendars for September 24th as it's not too late to make plans for National Punctuation Day!   Moira Rose Donohue has additional ideas for ways to celebrate and be sure to check out her books at GUWB.

To kick-off your celebration, why not share this Skype experience of Ms. Donohue showing some personality behind some common punctuation marks.  Check out the Queen of Punctuation at her best.

Donohue's Penny and the Puntuation Bee as well as Alfie the Apostrophe are perfect books to add to your National Punctuation Day celebration.  To find out more about GUWB's inside scoop on these books as well as the author, check out "The Story Behind the Story--Moira Rose Donohue."

It's not too late to book Ms. Donohue for a school visit!  She's got some wonderful ways to get the kids excited about reading and writing.  

PFPT, GUG, and BOING to you all!
The GUWB Team


  1. I love the Punctuation Queen BOING!!!

  2. You and me both! Are you a BOING!?! I'm still not sure what I am.

  3. Super funny. Last year I made Ivy learn the punctuation song. :)