Sunday, May 2, 2010

What is your "Betty Doll?"

The second Sunday of May is the official time to remember our mothers.

One book that does an amazing job of this is Patricia Polacco's Betty Doll. This delightful picture book begins with a letter from Patricia Polacco explaining the history of Betty Doll from her mother, Mary Ellen. Due to a fire, all of Mary Ellen’s dolls were gone and her mother (Polacco’s grandmother) saw how much pain this caused her. Mary Ellen and her mother made Betty Doll and the story takes flight. Betty Doll goes to the first day of school, recites poems at tea parties, and even comes to the rescue on a frightful snowy day. These experiences help the reader to understand why Betty Doll is such a prized possession for Patricia Polacco and is a symbol of many things for her. Check out Polacco's website to see and hear more.

About her mother and the story of Betty Doll, Polacco says, "In this story I would like to share her words with you, for in the face of bitter grief, her sweet words brought comfort, insight and warmth that still linger in my heart...and will continue to, as long as there are children who tell children about mothers they love." I believe that Betty Doll holds the memories that it does because it was made with love. Made by Polacco's mother and Grandmother after a devastating event. Betty Doll is a symbol of love that connects generation to generation.

Our question to you is..."What is your Betty Doll?" While we didn't make this together, one of our's is the bed that my daughter sleeps in. My father bought it at an auction for me when I was two years old for $2.50! I slept in this antique bed (built around 1900) until I was in my twenties. Now my sweet daughter sleeps in this bed. I love that I am able to share this bed with her and I look forward to seeing her share it with her children...just like Polacco has done with the doll from her mother.

During this "Mother's Day" season, think about what your "Betty Doll" is at your home. It doesn't have to be a doll, it could be anything that shares memories or is a prized possession--something made with love, shared with love and above all elicits memories. Maybe it's a picture, a blanket, or a stuffed animal. We'd love to hear about your special items and the role they play in your family.

If you are looking for books (in addition to Betty Doll) that highlight mothers, check out the books below that are part of the GUWB offerings...

Sharing memories,
The GUWB Team
Submitted by Lara

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