Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What are People Saying About GUWB?

Wondering what subscribers are saying about GUWB? Wonder no more!
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Here is what Elaine Johnson has to say...
“I love Grow Up With Books! I’m a busy mom of three. I work at my own business, deal with two different schools, multiple sports teams, playdates, cooking, homework, etc. Education and a love for reading is a high priority for me. Fitting that around my schedule is difficult. I can’t get to the bookstore very often, the library has limited hours, and when I’m at those places, my kids always want a DVD rather than a book. Enter GUWB. It’s truly been a simple and very cost effective way for me to keep my kids interested in books. And it’s something I can do in the evening or early morning with them or late at night when I’m alone. I log-in, sort by what I need, add books to my queue, and I’m finished. It’s that simple – I’ve done it multiple times. If one of my children loves a book after we read it, I can easily purchase it. It’s so easy to mail the books back and get new ones when we’re ready. The packaging is included and again, very user-friendly. I’ve never had a problem with a return or getting the books I selected. The books are in great shape and the age appropriate categories are perfect for my kids. I get e-mails to alert me when my list is short and we go in and add some more. However, what truly sold me on the program was the sanitation. Having a son with asthma and allergies (and unable to get any flu vaccines) has made me more conscious of what I bring in the house. With GUWB, I don’t worry about who has handled the books before us.”

Blair Neher has more thoughts to share...
"Grow Up With Books offers a great alternative to the costly task of providing your child with quality reading. Now more than ever, every penny counts. Especially pennies and dollars spent on books that get read once and then put on the shelf to collect dust. GUWB has a great selection of easy to find books, broken down by age group, all available via Netflix style rental."

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