Thursday, July 22, 2010

GUWB meets Hugo and the Really, Really, Really Long String!

How do you sum up an event that was beyond your wildest dreams?  An event that started with Twitter?  An event that changed the lives of many young boys and girls? I think that the best way is to just say...WOW!  Wow, wow, Bob Boyle!

Bob Boyle, the creator of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and the new book Hugo and the Really, Really, Really Long String, spent the day with GUWB at South Anna Elementary earlier this  month.  GUWB sponsored this day with a morning spot on CBS channel 6 and then over to South Anna Elementary in Montpelier, Virginia.

With the help of GUWB, the teachers prepared the children for Bob's visit.  A welcome sign brought  the front of the school building to life.  All of the students were asked to think about what might be at the end of Hugo's really, really, really long string (from Bob's new book). They put their ideas down on paper (written and illustrated)--which of course included a piece of red string.  These pictures lined the walls of the school and left Bob Boyle in awe. Truthfully, as we walked down the halls a whisper of "That's Bob Boyle!  That's Bob Boyle!" could be heard again and again.  The kids were in the palm of his hands as soon as he walked in the door!

A small group of 5th graders was quite fortunate to spend about an hour with Bob.  He shared some of his art background and they shared their artistic interests.  With this knowledge, Bob talked them through creating the story of Elvis the Guinea Squirrel.   Elvis had to forge through the perfume forest in search of a new polyester disco suit and it was all caught on ceiling tiles.  Yes, ceiling tiles!!!  The story is literally on the ceiling at South Anna...a once in a lifetime experience.
Bob drew on one of the ceiling tiles to help tell Elvis the Guinea Squirrel's story!
The story evolved across the white board and proceeded to the ceiling tiles.

During lunch, the kids from GUWB had the opportunity to ask some burning questions to kick of "Kids Corner!"  Jacob Ivey, Evelyn Ivey, and Evan Dauksys found out some answers to questions you may never have thought to ask.  Stay tuned for their interview and the responses.
Jacob and Evelyn with Bob Boyle

Evan and Bob

After lunch, Bob gave two assemblies at South Anna and engaged the students from the moment they walked into the room.  Using humor and honesty, Bob shared about his life and how his dream of becoming an artist came true.  One of GUWB's favorite things he shared was showing actual photos of drawings he did as a child.  A drawing that someone in the audience could have drawn.  Showing that dreams can come true if you believe.    The children enjoyed hearing  his new book entitled Hugo and the Really, Really, Really Long String and left that day with a hard-to-define energy.

Grow Up With Books was proud to be a part of such an exciting event!  Sharing the day with Bob Boyle is one we won't easily forget.  We are thrilled to share that Hugo is available at GUWB and is ready to be sent to your house.  Head on over to the website, add Hugo to your cue, and look for the "red-stringed" book in your mailbox!
Julie Dauksys, Bob Boyle, and Lara Ivey

Happy reading!
The GUWB Team

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