Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kids' Corner Reporters...Just Who is Bob Boyle?

Many people have heard of the recent story by Bob Boyle entitled Hugo and the Really, Really, Long String.  You may also know that his idea for that story came from a walk where he saw power lines and wondered where they might a really, really, long string.  However, our "Kids' Corner" reporters had a chance to find out some information that you may not know about the amazing Bob Boyle.

Reporters:   Evan Dauksys, Jacob Ivey, and Evelyn Ivey

  • Bob's earliest reading memories are of his mom buying him books like Hairy the Dirty Dog, Lyle Lyle Crocodile, and Dr. Seuss stories.
  • When talking about his family, we learned he has a younger sister.  From his parents,  he's like his dad because he's creative.  His dad wanted to be an artist and would give Bob hand-drawn birthday cards every year.   He's like his mom with his determination and discipline.   
  • One of Bob's favorite authors is Maurice Sendak.
  • Walt Disney and Lance Armstrong are his heros!
  • Bob loves the Beatles! 
  •  He gets to write the lyrics for the shows and then music is put to it.
  • Bob thinks the best part of writing books is creating new characters that are real and people can connect with.  He likes making a "story out of nothing."  Just like he did with the 5th graders at South Anna.
  • It takes close to 9 months to make ONE eleven minute episode of a cartoon...from idea to finished cartoon.
  • In the cartoon Wow!Wow!Wubbzy!, Bob is not Widget because he's not good with tools and most likely Wubbzy since he's fun.  But without the tail of course.
  • If Bob could go one place in the world it would be...into a Dr. Seuss book!  
  • One day Bob would like to visit Ireland (for his dad's family) and Finland (for his mom's family).
  • In his spare time he likes to run and actually LOVES to work!

  • It took Bob YEARS to make Hugo's story.
  • There may possibly be another Hugo adventure!
  • In Hugo, the customers look like Walden's face with Widget's ears (from Wubbzy), but it wasn't done on purpose.  Do you see any other characters from his cartoons?
  • Mr. Usagi (the rabbit noodle maker) got his name because "usagi" is the Japanese word for "rabbit!"
  • Bob chose a red string for Hugo since it is a color that stands out.  He chose underwear at the end of the story because it's so funny.  We's VERY funny!


  • Bob's suggestion for people who want to write or illustrate is to WRITE and DRAW!  A lot.
  • A life lesson that Bob would share is...It's great to have dreams....take action.  Nike has it right, "Just do it!"
Evan with Bob

Evelyn and Jacob with Bob

For the "Kids' Corner" reporters, spending time with Bob Boyle was life-changing.  They look at books, illustrations, cartoons, and life in an entirely new way.  Is there a book or experience like ours that has been life-changing for you?  Share it with us!  We'll write back.

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Evan, Jacob, and Evelyn

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