Friday, January 1, 2010

10 for 2010 Making Reading a Resolution Reality

It's that time of year again when we make our New Year's Resolutions only to drop them within weeks, days, or even minutes. When we stop to ask ourselves why, it's usually because it wasn't convenient. So, our million dollar question...How do you make reading convenient for your family? Or maybe the question should be....How can we afford NOT to make it convenient. I'd like to offer several suggestions for a family plan of reading in 2010!

10 for 2010... a Family Plan...

1) Make reading FUN! Let your child choose a headlamp or special book light to brighten the experience for "before going to sleep" reading.
2) Have a plan. Set aside a specific time for reading that works best for your child. Talk about the plan as a family so that all are involved and own it.
3) Allow for CHOICE. Letting your child have a say in what they read can make all the difference. If it's something they want to read it's more likely that they will enjoy reading it.
4) Choose a FAMILY chapter book. Remember that your child's listening level is 2-3 grade levels above their reading level. Books with vivid vocabulary and believable characters allow your family to take a shared adventure in the comfort of your own home.
5) Carry books in the car! Have a special bag or use the back of the seats to hold books. If you don't have them, they can't read them.
6) Stash some books in the bathroom. A basket of books for "waiting time" can be a very good thing.
7) Consider books on CD. While not a replacement for reading with your child, it does show how to read smoothly (fluency) and change your voice to match a situation (inflection).
8) Be an example. Read along with your child and read your own novel.
9) Start a family book club. With your friends who have children, consider reading the same story. Plan a celebration date for finishing the book where you can talk about connections made and even enjoy some tasty goodies! Over at Literate Lives they share about a "Grand Discussion" and how to hold one at your school.
10) Make reading FUN! Be sure to get comfy when you read. Who says you can't read in a tent with your grandmother listening?

This is just a start to a list. Share some of your family's tips for keeping reading exciting and a priority in your life. We'd love to hear from you!!!

The GUWB Team


  1. Great ideas! I'll be putting a blurb in the next parent newsletter from school about your post.

  2. Thanks, Bill! Sharing ideas is key to making reading a reality for all. Thank you for sharing yours as well.

  3. Thanks for this post, Lara. These are all great ideas. I don't think kids are ever too old to read to - especially when there's chocolate involved. My boys and I (they are 11 and 13 still like to snuggle up together and share a good book - we take it in turns reading a chapter each - and sometimes, we add chocolate to 'enhance' the experience).


  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dee! You are right, a tasty treat to eat makes the sweetness of the book that much sweeter. It's all about making memories and I'm sure your boys will remember your time together. Enjoy your reading! Right now my daughter and I are reading Allie Finkle and we are listening to Chasing Vermeer in the car. We just can't get enough of good books!