Friday, January 22, 2010

Beyond Blessed

Beyond blessed... Last night I sat here and listened to Hope for Haiti Now. Through tears, I was reminded of the importance of the basics. Needs vs. wants. Food. Clothing. Shelter. I truly believe that my children are beginning to know the difference, although they may not always remember it in the toy aisle at Target. I'm also reminded of the importance of standing up and leading by example for our children as we learn from this horrific natural disaster. What can we learn from this and what are some of the ways that we can help our children to make a difference? My daughter has decided to give the money she makes from selling her Girl Scout cookies (and any donations) to Haiti and my son wants to help her!

More to think about...What shoul
d we be appreciating in our lives that we aren't? I believe it's the small moments and small things. What small moments and things do we have going on in our lives that we are missing? What do we need to be thankful for?

•Take a few extra moments to say goodnight, giving an extra hug and kiss.
•Read one more chapter or one more story.
Play a game as a family.
•Ask about favorite parts of the day.
•Eat dinner together and eagerly listen to one another.

•Appreciate the water coming out of your faucet.
•The refrige
rator is filled with food.
•You get to choose what you want for dinner. (My mom has said this for years and now I'm putting it in a blog!)
•The light turns on when you flip the switch.
•There is medicine if you get sick.
•You are able to spend tim
e with your family and friends.

Remember always to give thanks for what you have. Reaching out to help others is a way of giving thanks. As Muhammad Ali said last night, "Charity begins at home." Talk with your family about the many things for which you are thankful. Continue to talk and figure out how your family can help those less fortunate. Maybe it's with Haiti, maybe a local organization, or even a neighbor. Start somewhere and be the example you want your children to be. Help them learn the language of giving! Check out these sites for ways to help your children raise money and other ideas for helping Haiti.
5 Tips on Talking to Your Child About Scary News
*Use your birthday money for Haiti rather than getting gifts.
*Have Hats for Haiti where the kids at school pay to wear the hat.
"Hearts for Haiti" and "Quarters for the Quake"
UMCOR gives 100% of the money raised to Haiti!!!
*Give up something as a family...send the money to Haiti

Share more ideas with us and others!
Beyond blessed,
The GUWB Team

Grow Up With Books believes in reaching out to help those in need. For the next three months we will donate $1 for each new subscription to GUWB.

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