Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowy Day Indoor Ideas

Snowy Day INDOOR Ideas...

WOW! I thought that December's snow was a doozy, but I'm thinking that this one is going to make quite an impact here in Richmond, Virginia. It got me to thinking about what to do with your children IF the weather is too cold to go outside and too snowy to drive anywhere.

So, here is my list of ideas to help those of you stuck indoors.

* Get a head start on your Valentine's cards.
Even if your child can't remember all of the names from his/her class, you can have them sign their name and make them. Pull out any supplies and let them be creative. My son has decided to add Valentine's jokes to his.

* Play a game!
You know all of those board games you rarely pull out? Pick an old favorite. Let each child choose one...that is unless you have more than 3 children!

* Start a puzzle.
A puzzle can be quite fun and gets the brain clicking! It also allows your children to work together...hopefully without too much arguing. Also, try these cool math games online.

* Cook up something tasty!
We've got a box of Lemon Bars we haven't fixed so it's on our list for today. Not sure what to cook? Check out this site that uses ingredients you have. Just type in your ingredients and you get the ideas for what to make.

* Make Snow Cream!
Too cold to play in, but not too cold to eat inside. Check out some of these recipes for Snow Cream.

* Read a good book.
Any book is a good idea, but one with a snow theme is even better. If you are a subscriber to Grow Up With Books, you will want to check these titles...
Houdsley and Catina and the Quiet Time by James Howe
The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats
The Rag Coat by Lauren Mills

*Have a dance contest!
Get out the video camera, turn on some music, and start recording those dance moves. If you want to get really fancy, check out YouTube for some kid dance moves. After taping, you can then play them back for a good laugh. What great memories to hold onto!

*Pull out old family movies.
Truthfully, we watching ones I got from the library yesterday in preparation for today's snow. However, watching old ones of the kids would be better. May just have to do that next!

*Add your ideas here...
Leave your ideas in the comments! Help others (including me) get the most out of these COLD days with the kids inside!!!

We look forward to hearing from you-
The GUWB Team

(submitted by Lara)


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  2. Giving credit...Lorri Cooper, from PreK 360, share her blog entry Indoor Activity for a Harsh Winter Day ! Thanks for sharing this through Twitter.

  3. Hey Lara, great ideas! Especially love the dance contest. That's sure to be fun! We play games like hide and seek and different versions of it..sometimes we just hide little objects like blocks or spoons and let someone else find it. Or we paste large sheets of craft paper on a wall and paint away. There's so much to do with kids indoors...and I think snow days are perfect for family bonding!

  4. Thanks for the additional ideas, Rupa! What fun to put large sheets of paper on the wall and paint. Now that's creative. Looks like we're in for MORE snow starting Friday morning. CRAZY!