Monday, March 29, 2010

Are your Easter baskets ready?

Elevated view of a basket filled with Easter eggs
Can you believe it's time to get those Easter baskets ready? I'm all about some good chocolate and filling baskets with a little candy, but do we really need to load them up with all that sugar? Probably not. Why not consider some other options as you get ready for the Easter Bunny!

  1. Gift subscription to Grow Up With Books... Is there anything better than books? What about books delivered to your doorstep? Check out GUWB for what I call the "no-brainer" gift. You don't have to go out to find it, you're sure to be a hit, and it's a gift that keeps on giving.
  2. Family Games...Adding a family game to your collection at Easter is perfect. Try to get something that will stretch to all of the ages in your house such as Dominoes, card games, and marbles.
  3. Packs of Seeds...Start a small garden from seed. Let your child help you gather the necessary supplies.
  4. Disposable Camera...Let your child take pictures of signs of spring. Put them into a book where they can write the story behind the pictures.
  5. Art Supplies...Water colors, pastels, fun crayons and markers, construction paper, stickers, stamp pads and ink. bingo dot markers, glitter glue, sidewalk chalk, etc.
  6. Project/Kit Ideas...Children love projects. Try building a kite, bird house, rocket, bat house, butterfly house, or hanging tomato plant holder.
  7. Bathtub Supplies...Bubble bath, tub crayons, tub paint, and tub toys can be hours of fun!
  8. Simple Toys...Yo-yo, hoola-hoops, play dough, and sandbox toys.
  9. Easter Eggs...Rather than fill them with candy, why not put riddles/jokes in them. Kids get a kick out of telling a great joke to an audience of even one.
  10. New Toothbrush and Toothpaste...Giving them a fun toothbrush and toothpaste can bring about a renewed interest in brushing. You have to replace them anyway, why not do it in the basket?
Boy reading a book
When in doubt...go with the gift subscription to Grow Up With Books! There is a uniqueness to this gift and the satisfaction of knowing that your child/grandchild has the chance to read amazing books.

What are some of your ideas for basket fillers? Send us your ideas and comments!

Happy reading-
The GUWB Team

Submitted by Lara


  1. Love these suggestions! I'm definitely going to add seeds and disposable cameras to my 3 kiddos' baskets. I may have to add a game or two as well.

  2. Super! Glad there was something here for you to connect with and use with your kids. Have you seen the game SET? It's a great one to carry in your purse for times when you are waiting for the dinner to arrive. I'd say ages 2nd/3rd-99 years old! We LOVE it!

  3. I always include flip-flops or sandals and whatever other items that I would be buying for summer anyway: this has ranged from socks to swim trunks/beach towels. Good filler! Thanks for the new ideas!

  4. Lisa, great idea with the flip-flops! My two are begging for some new ones and the weather is calling for it. Thanks for sharing. :-)