Saturday, March 6, 2010

Subscriber Benefits at GUWB

If you are a subscriber to GUWB (the Netflix of children's books), one of the many benefits you have is access to our Reading Consulting Team (RCT). The information below shares a little bit about what the RCT can offer.

A few years ago a parent asked me, “How do you know what books to read to your child?” My answer was, “Well, I’m a reading teacher. I just know.” But as the conversation continued it became obvious to me that this parent had many thoughtful questions about reading with his child. So I began to wonder…

How do parents know what to read to their children?

Mom Reading to Her Son

In this time of technology any parent can hop on the computer and use any available search engine to locate information on multiple approaches to reading with children. The library is a wonderful place to go for children’s literature guidance, if there is a children’s librarian at your branch. Asking your child’s teacher or reading teachers at his or her school is helpful, but what if they are not yet in school, or not yet reading?

The Reading Consulting Team at Grow Up with Books is readily available to answer your questions about reading to or with your child, or guiding them when they read on their own (the Read TWO Experience). We are a team of educators with 40+ years of experience in the classroom and have children of our own. Our team is set to answer your burning questions about these and other topics:

What are the "hot books" out now for kids?
What should I read to my infant or toddler?
What series would interest my 9-year-old boy?
What do I do if my child can read, but can’t comprehend?

Be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the website or email us at

Happy reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

Submitted by Julie Dauksys (Reading Consulting Team)

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