Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's on your checklist?

Today's Checklist...

1. Set clocks ahead an hour....DONE!
2. Check all of our smoke detectors...DONE!
3. Share a few recently added books to GUWB's selection...

That Girl Lucy Moon by Amy Timberlake (9-12 year olds)
Lucy Moon is the kind of girl who champions animal rights--during hunting season. She is the kind of girl who spots injustice and isn't afraid to fight it. But now that she’s in junior high, things have changed. The qualities that used to make Lucy
distinctive now just mark her as uncool. But when her latest cause lands her with a harsh detention sentence, a “bad influence” reputation, and a vandalized locker, Lucy begins to lose her verve. Can she stand up for her beliefs and survive junior high?
Just a Heads Up: Mature Content (Mother leaves family and Lucy lives with her detached father.)

by Mary Jane Begin (3-4 and 5-8 year olds)

Ever wonder what the characters in The Wind in the Willows did when they were young? Here is the tale of how Today and Badger’s friendship began. Many lessons can be learned from these two fellows.

by Mary Jane Begin (3-4 and 5-8 year olds)

Badger, Ratty, and Toady start to spend the day together by going fishing. They continue with a trip to the carnival. However, Toady has a hard time fishing and Ratty is not enjoying the carnival. Soon they begin to fight over Badger. Will these two be able to work together when Badger is in trouble and needs their help?

(0-2 and 3-4 year olds OR 5-8 year olds ESL)

A sweet and colorful look at 100 words for babies with real pictures for each one. This book is also good for early readers and children learning English as a second language.

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Happy reading!

Submitted by Lara Ivey

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  1. Additional TO DO on my CHECKLIST...Wishing my husband of 10 years a happy 40th birthday!!!!!! How could I forget this one? Love you, Bruce!!!